wetlands7We are an IRS-approved 501C3 tax exempt environmental organization.  If you care about preserving wetlands and the ecosystems they provide, as well as preserving their filtering and aquifer recharging functions, and can benefit from a tax deductible donation, please consider donating to Citizens For Sanity.  100 percent of all donations go to preserving sensitive wetland and other ecosystems in Pasco County.  Not one dime is spent for any administrative or salaried purposes.  Much of our efforts are centered around educating Pasco residents as to the importance of supporting public policies which foster the preservation of environmentally sensitive areas.    To this end, members of Citizens For Sanity volunteer their time and expertise to closely monitor permit applications which propose to destroy wetlands and/or seagrass beds, reduce the widths of wildlife corridors, despoil the region’s creeks and rivers and, in general, adversely affect the natural landscape in the name of “progress” and/or “development.” In most cases, less environmentally damaging and affordable alternatives are available to achieve the applicant’s stated need and purpose without the wholesale destruction of the natural environment.  Pasco’s natural environment is an asset which attracts eco-friendly businesses, and the personnel they employ, with the aesthetic and recreational opportunities it provides.

If you feel that the preservation of Pasco’s natural environmental heritage is important, please consider making an IRS-approved tax deductible donation to Citizens For Sanity.

Please make checks payable to Citizens For Sanity.Com, Inc

Citizens For Sanity.Com, Inc,
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